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A blog is a frequently updated online portal. It is a place to express information, updates & views to the world. A place for brands to share thoughts and factoids to followers and like mimed readers. In other words, a blog is a secondary website of sorts, which can be updated on an ongoing basis. Blog is a short form for the word weblog and the two words are used interchangeably.

Recent studies suggest that, businesses with blogs have risen by a net 17%. Those without any blogs now classify under minorities. This just goes to say how integral blog writing and marketing has become for businesses and individuals alike.

Increasingly, companies are recognizing the value of their blogs.  Businesses today, rate their company blogs as “useful,” “important” or “critical.”

A blog offers the following unique features:

  1. Easy Content Publishing: It’s as easy as operating a word document, simple insertion of content alongside the perfect balance of relevant pictures and images.
  2. Easy Traffic Generation: Search engines consciously look for fresh and new content. If brands keep their blogs updated with new discussions and content, chances are they’ll rank higher on search engine result pages as opposed to websites (even those of your competitors)
  3. Product Promotions: Blog writing is a powerful tool for getting customers online. Engaging conversations about product tutorials, benefits, uses, mountainous and special features will help brands reach their target audiences and promote products and/or services.

So leave it to Brandhype for creating and participating on other popular blogs relevant to your company’s profile, direct traffic onto your blogs and send potential leads onto product web pages.

Blog Writing

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